Providing a New
Foundation for Growth

Four Pillars Investors

Providing a New Foundation for Growth


Four Pillars Investors is an investment company founded on four core values, or pillars. We purchase and operate small businesses with the intention of owning the business for the long-term. Though we seek involvement in our investments, our intention is to support without becoming a burden. It is our intention to work together to achieve shared success. We are NOT looking to clean house or restructure.


Our values combine traditional and more progressive elements. Some of the more traditional elements might even be considered old-fashioned or naïve but there are several cultural norms of earlier eras that we feel still have a place in the business world of today. Concepts such as arriving on time and putting in a full day’s work will always be relevant in our eyes. Also, we continue to value face-to-face, in place of electronic, communication.

Where our firm exhibits a more progressive feel is the value we place on a fresh perspective and new ideas. Our involvement is hopefully seen as a breath of fresh air. We know we do not have all the answers but we do seek to give structure and rigor to decision making, capital spending, process improvement, and other important activities. We have confidence in our abilities but are humble enough to ask others for help, and we do so more often than not. What this results in is a strengthened team with a renewed commitment to build on an already great business. We seek to grow and succeed together.

A Business Deal, Not an Auction

We understand the risks that an auction process brings about. Though ultimately we will need to review sensitive information about your business, sharing it with one party is much less risky than sharing it with 20 or more parties.

Even though there will not be an auction, Four Pillars will still pay a full and fair value for your business. It is conceivable that you could get a higher price for your business via an auction process but business owners choose to work with us due to the cultural fit and strategic alignment.


We encourage you to get to know us better by reading about the Four Pillars or by contacting us directly. As you will learn, our first priority is to start a relationship so we would enjoy hearing from you.

Read our Succession Planning Guide

The following guide is a primer on succession and exit planning.  Please utilize this offering as an informational piece, and we hope it will at least serve as a conversation starter.  Just because you discuss your inevitable exit, does not mean it has to happen soon. In fact, it is best to start thinking about it years in advance.

The Four Pillars