What We Look For

People and Attitudes
are Most Important

People and Attitudes Are Most Important

We understand that our values might not resonate with everyone. If that is the case, then you might not enjoy working with us. However, if any of this does strike a chord, we would like to learn more about you, your business, and the team. In particular, we would like to learn about:

  • The size of the company.

    In addition to industry dynamics, and the location of the principal facilities. We favor companies with EBITDA of at least $500k up to $2.5 million. Additionally, we prefer manufacturing or distribution businesses located in the Midwest, but we are flexible.

  • How many high performers are on your team.

    Whether it’s an owner, a key lieutenant, or someone else, we look for companies with people we want on our team.

  • Whether your management team has the “right” attitude.

    A management team that is eager to partner and work with us is a requirement.

  • The transition timeline for the owner(s).

    An owner that desires a gradual exit from the business naturally aligns incentives.

After some degree of one-on-one interaction, the next step is to start meeting the team.  We would meet with every employee individually if given the chance.  If that does not happen before you make a decision to partner with us, it most certainly will happen at some point.  Four Pillars Investors is actively seeking acquisition candidates.

How We Plan to Partner