The Four Pillars

Our Values Guide Our
Actions and Behaviors

Our Values Guide Our Actions and Behaviors

The mutual journey towards success, however that is defined, will feature ups and downs, twists and turns, and a few forks in the road. Our values are not intended to be prescriptive. Rather, they are intended to serve as a resource to reference when we encounter difficult decisions, be those ethical, strategic, operational, or of a different variety.

It seems common for company values to have been selected somewhat arbitrarily. We did not set out to be unique or different but we did set out to form a business based on a set of values. The Four Pillars were most definitely NOT chosen arbitrarily or because they sounded good. Instead, we looked inside to see what matters to each of us and what we want our business to stand for. Four Pillars Investors has four shared values, or pillars, that guide our personal and professional lives:

Pillar 1:

Relationships as a Cornerstone for Success

Pillar 2:


Pillar 3:

Servant Leadership

Pillar 4:

Respect for the Individual

We believe that strong relationships are the cornerstone for success as individuals and the company as a whole. To build strong relationships, we refer to our motto, “Do what you say and say what you do.” By living our motto, we help to develop mutual trust.

At Four Pillars Investors, growth is synonymous with change.  As everyone knows, performing the same activities yields the same results.  In order to develop as a person or grow as a company, change, of varying degrees, is required.  We also look beyond revenue and earnings. We strive to, responsibly, grow the employee base.  In our view, growth is the surest path to stable employment.

We believe that the essence of servant leadership is that each individual should seek to serve the greater good.  We use the term greater good loosely.  It might mean meeting a project deadline, cultivating a new sales prospect, or developing an individual.  Teamwork, collaboration, and the sharing of power are inherent in servant leadership.

We are considerate and respectful in our interactions with others.  Perhaps the most important way we do this is by taking the time to listen.  We also recognize, respect, and take advantage of our differences going so far as making an effort to surround ourselves with those that are different in one way or another.

How Our Values Translate to Action