The Right People
in the Right Roles

The Right People in the Right Roles

We believe in getting the right people first and then setting the strategy. We are a new team but this philosophy is already paying dividends. And even though we are a new team, the individuals at Four Pillars Investors have accomplished a great deal in prior roles. Listed below is the Four Pillars team and the role that each plays. These profiles are not meant to be bios as we would prefer to share that information when we meet in person.

Our Team

Nick McLean
Deal origination, deal execution, investment management


Operations management with an emphasis on Lean manufacturing; strategy development and execution; and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


Which of the Four Pillars do you identify most closely with?

Servant leadership. I consider one of the primary roles of a manager/leader to be to help those around you be more successful and to develop as individuals. When I think of myself as a leader, I am more interested in granting and sharing authority than hoarding it.

Thomas Sanford
Deal origination, deal execution, investment management


Experience in quantitative finance, operational roles, mergers and acquisitions (M&A); with a strong focus on technology, infrastructure, and manufacturing

What drew you to the private equity industry?

After several years in finance, I wanted to move to the front line of building and advancing companies. It’s important for me to help augment the U.S. and global economies through the long-term stewardship of companies by growing sales and the employee base. Four Pillars is successfully able to transition and grow companies through our expertise, capital, industry knowledge, and network.

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