Operators Have a
Home Here as Well

Operators Have a Home Here as Well

We are always interested in meeting individuals that have experience running businesses. Depending on the size of the investment and other complicating factors, it is often our preference to partner with an operating executive to work closely with or directly for one of the company’s investments.

The principles that guide what we look for in a business are roughly the same as what we look for in an operator:

Whether You Have the "Right" Attitude.

We are looking for those that excel in building and developing teams. Even in a small business, the president or general manager is only as effective as the team he/she assembles.

Whether You Are a High Performer

Of course we are looking for individuals with a history of success.

Size of Companies and Industries in Which You Have Worked.

We do not directly target individuals with large or small company experience. A blend of both is perfect. The previous factors are more important though.

If the above sounds like a match, please contact us so that we can schedule some time to get to know each other a bit better.

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